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Wood Staining

Stains and clear wood sealants are a great way to protect wood, we are experts in stain and clear wood sealer applications for decks, fences or other wood, we take the following steps to insure the best end result.

Step One: For exterior applications, surface must be pressure washed to remove dirt, mildew and peeling

stain to ensure proper adhesion, if rotted wood is noticed we will notify you and give you pricing for necessary repairs. We will move or relocate furniture to provide access to work area..

Step Two: Nail pops and other repairs are done.

Step Three: Landscaping around work areas is protected before we begin stain application,  depending on desired finish some times more than one application is necessary.

Step Four: All areas are cleaned and touch ups are done.  Any leftover stain is left for future touch ups and color matches.


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