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Interior Painting

We recommend washable finishes such as eggshell or satin on interior walls for durability, flat paint is only recommended to home owners that are planning to put their house in the market for sale.  We take the following steps to insure the best end result.

Step One: Furniture is moved or relocated to provide access to work area. Furniture is then covered with plastic and floors are covered with drop cloths to insure protection of your property.

Step Two: We begin surface prep in the walls to include drywall repairs, nail pops and stress cracks.

Step Three: We spot prime any drywall repairs, we then apply a first and second coat of paint. Trim and doors are the final part of this step.

Step Four:  All final touch up is done at this time, All areas are cleaned and dusted. All furniture is returned to its original positions.  Any leftover paint is left for future touch ups and color matches.

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