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Exterior Painting

Regardless of the reason you may consider house painting, think of the peace of mind you will have knowing that the entire exterior of your home is now painted and well protected from the elements.  We use both spray and hand brush application. If you prefer a specific method of application, please let us know so that we can provide the appropriate pricing.  We wake the following steps to insure the best end result.

Step One:  We will remove shutters from your house (unless attached to brick)  we remove downspouts and window screens to ensure a clean surface to paint.  We pressure wash the exterior of your home to remove the dirt and surface mildew.

Step Two:  We prepare the surfaces to be painted,  After power washing additional carpentry repairs my be noticed that were not noticed  in initial walk-through.  If that's the case we will notify you and give you pricing for necessary repairs.  Cracks and loose joints are re-caulked to lock out moisture, peeling and loose paint is scraped and then spot primed.

Step Three: Landscaping around work areas is protected before we begin paint application.

Step FourShutters, window screens and downspouts are re-installed.   all final touch up is done at this time.  Any leftover paint is left for future touch up or color matches.

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